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Outstanding Accomplishment Awards

The 13 December all-staff party, sponsored by the Employee Activities Committee, continued the tradition of ringing in the holidays while recognizing the outstanding work of employees. A total of seven nominations, comprising 36 staffers, were received for this year’s Outstanding Accomplishment Awards (formerly the Outstanding Performance Awards). more

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Coffee for 1,200?
JOSS group provides logistics for conferences, field programs

joss registration table

Brian Jackson, Gail Kasic, and Melanie Whitmire of JOSS's Program Support and Operations group staff a conference registration table in the Mesa Lab. more

NCAR supercomputer joins list of world’s fastest

NCAR has jumped into the top-10 elite of the world’s fastest supercomputing centers, according to an annual ranking released in November. more

IBM computers

From Africa and South America

Hatim Sharif, a visiting postdoc from Sudan, and José Garcia, a software engineer from Venezuela, are just two of dozens of staffers who came here from overseas. more

Hatim's family

Scientists explore fundamental building blocks of the atmosphere

ACD instrument

Ultrafine aerosols have profound impacts on human health and on the atmosphere, but scientists are just now developing the technology to examine them. more

NCAR's influence: Way beyond its size

Kevin TrenberthExternal rankings show that NCAR is one of the most influential research institutions in the world. According to one key measure, NCAR ranked second among geoscience institutions worldwide at the end of last year in terms of the impact of its research, trailing only Germany’s renowned Max Planck Institute. more


Sittin' with Santa


Delphi Questions

Phone messaging clock. more

Climate convocation mulls the state of U.S. research

Think of the U.S. Climate Change Science Program’s three-day gathering on 3–5 December as a sort of Woodstock of climate conferences. more

Just one look

Celia ChenRAP’s Celia Chen displays bead necklaces, bracelets, and earrings at the UCAR/NCAR/UOP crafts fair, held in the Foothills and Mesa Lab cafeterias in late November. More than a dozen employees and their friends and family members sold a variety of handmade crafts at the annual event, including jewelry, Christmas ornaments, rugs, glass beads, stained glass, and photographs, as well as food and published writings. “The variety of artists is pretty amazing,” says Kathleen Barney, who helped organize the event for the Employee Activities Committee. Celia is a veteran, having sold her work since the first crafts fair more than 20 years ago. “Sometimes working a few hours with beads feels almost like meditation to me,” she says. “And seeing what I can create with my collection of beads also gives me a lot of satisfaction.”


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