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November 2002

Returning to Center Green

SCD’s Jeff Alipit is hardly a stranger to Center Green. He worked in each of the three buildings last year as a Web site developer with netLibrary until the electronic book provider laid off its staff during the recent economic downturn.

In his experience, the buildings recently acquired by UCAR are a pleasant place to work. “The ambience was certainly conducive to getting my work done,” he recalls. He particularly liked the atrium in the main building. “People defused from the cafeteria area and went in there to have their lunch or do their work or read.” He also appreciated the covered parking. His only complaint: “the elevators were a little slow.”

Now that UCAR is moving in, Jeff is in the odd position of installing network systems in the buildings that netLibrary vacated.

What’s it like to be back? “A bit nostalgic, like I was still working there for netLibrary,” he says. Although he misses his former co-workers, he adds, “It’s kind of a relief that, despite getting laid off from that place, I managed to make it back in one way or another.”

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