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Crisis phone line available to staff

As the anniversary of last year’s terrorist attacks passes, staffers should bear in mind that they can call the institution’s crisis phone number (extension 1100) to find out about UCAR and NCAR security alerts, building closures, or other emergencies. A recording contains information about any disruptions to the workday.

“Any time there’s breaking news that you’ve become aware of and are wondering whether it has any effect on our institution, you should call in,” explains Steve Sadler, director of Safety Site Services.

The phone line was launched two years ago, when the Pearl Street offices were closed several times because of natural gas leaks. It was updated regularly in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, as staffers were kept apprised of security procedures. The crisis recording will likely be updated again this month because Steve is planning to increase security patrols around Sept. 11. (The beefed-up security presence will be subtle, and both ML and FL are expected to remain open to the public.)

For those wondering, the voice on the crisis line recording belongs to Liz Kriete of SaSS. “She has a real calm phone voice, very calm and succinct,” Steve explains. •David Hosansky


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