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June 2002

Random Profile:
Cyd Perrone

Every other month, Staff Notes Monthly spotlights a stochastically chosen staff member. This month we profile Cyd Perrone, benefits administrator for Human Resources.

What attracted her here? Ever since Cyd moved to the Boulder area 16 years ago, she felt drawn to the Mesa Lab. "When I saw the building, it was like, ‘I want to work here.’ " She applied a couple of times without success before landing the benefits position in 1994. "It just happened I had the right experience."

If pigs could fly: HR’s Cyd Perrone (née Bacon) with her collection of toy pigs. (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

Cyd has some 20 years in human resources, going back to her days in Maryland when she worked for Frederick County. Before UCAR, she was part of the human resources department of Centennial Peaks Hospital in Louisville.

What’s the best part of her job? Helping staffers resolve insurance questions. "A lot of people don’t realize that, if there is a question about their insurance, they can contact us and we can expedite it," she says. "They shouldn’t spend a lot of time with it, going through all the phone calls. We know what buttons to push." Cyd also appreciates that UCAR and NCAR are engaged in landmark scientific research rather than trying to sell a product. "You’re really proud to say you work here."

Keeping everyone covered: When the institution switched health insurance carriers last year, Cyd and her HR colleagues faced a monumental task. They had to make sure the new benefit structure corresponded with the previous one, and they also had to see to it that all those affected—including present staffers and retirees—signed up for the new plan. "We wanted to make sure everyone was covered the right way," she said. "It was intense, but it was also rewarding because we were getting things done."

Go South—no, East—no, West, young woman: Cyd grew up in the small town of Washington, Illinois. After high school, she headed out for Atlanta because she wanted the excitement of a larger city. There, her roommate set her up on a blind date with a man named Ken—and the rest, as they say, is history. "We just hit it off," she says. Now married for 25 years, the couple has two sons: Nick and Nathan. An accountant, Ken Perrone got transferred to Frederick, Maryland, and then to the Denver area.

Longing for the beach: As much as Cyd loves the Colorado mountains, she finds herself longing at times for the East. "I miss the beach and the change of seasons." Although she still plans to work for many years, she and her husband are talking about eventually retiring somewhere in the Carolinas, possibly Myrtle Beach.

A passion for pigs: Cyd’s maiden name is Bacon. This was a source of some teasing in school, but she now honors that heritage by collecting toy pigs—as does her mother. In fact, when she organized an 80th birthday party for her mom last year, Cyd invited her mom’s cronies and gave them pigs as presents. "I got the habit from my mother about 15 years ago," Cyd says. "My kitchen is full of pigs." She also keeps about a dozen in her office, as well as a picture frame in the shape of a pig.

When is getting lost a good thing? While most people like knowing where they are, Cyd and Ken sometimes spend their days off losing themselves in the mountains. "We like to drive and get lost, and figure out how to get home." Cyd is also an avid golfer, and she has played in the UCAR golf league. She likes heading up to a golf course somewhere in the mountains, such as Grand Lake, for relaxation. "Every fall we go up and play golf, and then we watch the elk and listen to them bugle."

Another favorite pastime is travel. She and Ken celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last month by going to Italy. "I had never been there before," she says. "It was wonderful." The highlight of the trip? "Probably just relaxing in Tuscany for a week and exploring the hill towns." oDavid Hosansky

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