Volume 37, Number 6 -- June 2002

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The ever-popular Egg Drop Contest, a Mesa Lab staple since 1987, is postponed until next year. "The yolk’s on us this year," says EO’s Rene Munoz, who organizes the event every spring. "Replacement of the Mesa Lab driveway will be under way at contest time. As there isn’t another ML balcony with the needed concrete splash zone below, we’re waiting till next year to celebrate the 16th annual drop." The contest pits NCAR and UCAR staffers against students from area schools—with the young students usually emerging victorious. Since there’s no live action this year, SN Monthly elected to run these pictures showing highlights of past contests. Clockwise, from upper left: a model of NCAR’s initial CRAY-1 (1999), Y2K Black Cat (1999), judges Debby Novak and Cindy Worster (1997), students egg on the contestants (1998), and the U.S.S. Eggsurprise makes an appearance (1993).

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