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May 2002

Mesa Lab refurbishment enters a new phase

The refurbishment of the Mesa Lab begins in earnest over the next few months. The landmark building, completed in 1966, will get upgraded distribution systems for electrical wiring, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, as well as some new light fixtures and additional fire sprinklers and alarms.

The ML main driveway and front entrance are getting an overhaul. (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

The building’s infrastructure already has lasted past its predicted lifespan of 25 to 30 years. So the $12 million refurbishment is needed to meet federal and local building codes, increase energy efficiency, and improve facility operations.

Physical Plant Services has already finished two ML projects, renovating the Fountain and Tree Plazas. But now that the work is moving to the front entrance and the interior of the building, both staffers and visitors will face some disruptions. "We know it’s inconvenient, but when it’s done the refurbishment should last us another 35 years," says Tina Bogott (PPS), who is overseeing the project.

Here’s what awaits ML staff and visitors:

• Work on the main driveway and front entrance began this month and will last until the fall. During that time, the main entrance will be closed, but staff can use such alternatives as the Fountain Plaza by the cafeteria (which is also the temporary entrance for the public) or the 2B level by the loading dock. The front desk has been temporarily moved near the cafeteria, and the shuttle is stopping below the south side of the Tree Plaza.

• A multiphase utilities refurbishment is scheduled to begin this summer. As early as August, staffers will be temporarily moved out of A Tower until about the end of the year.

• The second phase of the utilities refurbishment will begin in December, when crews turn their attention to the lobby and mezzanine. During that phase, which will last much of the winter, the exhibit areas will be inaccessible and the building will be closed to the general public.

Once the lobby and mezzanine areas are completed, crews will begin work on other parts of the building.

Tina offers some advice to the staffers in Tower A who will have to relocate their offices during the upgrade. She urges them to take only those files and computers that they’re sure they’ll need access to. The remaining desks, file cabinets, and other items will be safely stored in a warehouse during the refurbishment.

She also says: "This is an excellent time to do spring cleaning and throw out or archive old files and other things that you no longer need." oDavid Hosansky


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