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April 2002

GIS advisory board initiates seminars

A team of NCAR and UCAR researchers has begun holding seminars on Geographic Information Systems to encourage colleagues to take advantage of the new technology.

GIS is a powerful software tool for the analysis of spatial data. It can be used to integrate different types of data (such as biophysical, socioeconomic, and meteorological) that come from different sources, thereby creating comprehensive models to aid decision makers.

“GIS is a good tool for interdisciplinary research,” says Olga Wilhelmi, an ESIG scientist who is helping to coordinate the seminars.

Olga belongs to the GIS Advisory Group, which conducted a survey of NCAR researchers to determine the current use and future potential of geospatial information technologies. The survey showed that GIS technologies are not widely used across the institution, although many scientists want to learn more about them.

The advisory group is interested in communicating the potential of GIS, especially for integrated research (within the organization and between it and the outside research community), interoperability and data exchange, and improved scientific communication with the public.

The group began holding seminars in January, and it is planning a workshop on GIS for this summer or fall. “Through the seminars, more and more interest is developing,” Olga says.

The advisory group also includes Janice Coen (MMM/RAP), Bob Harriss (ESIG), Tim Kittel (CGD), Don Middleton (SCD), Jim Moore and Ron Murdock (JOSS), Ron Ruth (ATD), Gerry Wiener and David Yates (RAP), and Jeff Weber and Ben Domenico (Unidata).

For more information, contact Olga (ext. 8126, olgaw@ucar.edu).


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