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April 2002

Janet Evans steps down from Delphi position

After two-and-a-half years as the Delphi Service coordinator, Janet Evans is relinquishing the post to focus on her new position as manager of budget operations in the NCAR Budget and Planning Office.
Janet Evans is stepping down as Delphi coordinator after fielding 48 questions during her tenure. (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

But she’ll miss the satisfaction that came with handling employee questions confidentially.

“Being Delphi coordinator was one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in 15 years at NCAR,” she says. “I got to interact with a lot more staff than I ever had before. It’s really rewarding that people would put their faith in you and trust you to take their questions to management. It’s like being a poster child for honesty.”

The Delphi coordinator is a volunteer position designed to foster communication between staff and management. Any employee can write to the Delphi Service on a confidential basis about a UCAR or NCAR policy and be assured that the appropriate person in management will answer the question. Most Delphi questions and answers are printed in SN Monthly and archived on the Web.

Janet became Delphi coordinator in the fall of 1999, when she won an election to succeed E&O’s Rene Munoz. She remembers the first question she received, which raised concerns about people smoking just outside the entrance to FL2. In response, UCAR changed its policy, asking employees to move at least 20 feet from the door before lighting up.

“It was a nice sort of win-win situation,” Janet says.

Since then, she’s received another 47 questions. The topics have ranged from the quality of water in drinking fountains to the merits of the new NCAR logo. Although some of the questions appear to focus on minor matters, Janet says, “every question is important to the person asking it.”

The Delphi process, she adds, means a lot to employees.

“It’s more than the actual questions that are published,” she explains. Delphi is about the whole philosophy of management letting staff approach them anonymously. That says something for our organization.”

As of press time, several employees had been nominated to succeed Janet at Delphi coordinator. SN Monthly will profile the winner of the election in a future issue.


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