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February 2002

A look back: Remembering Jim Lodge

Retired staff member Jim Lodge, who joined NCAR as an atmospheric chemist in the early 1960s, died on 14 December in Boulder. Retired colleague and friend Stan Ruttenberg shared these memories with Staff Notes Monthly.

Soon after my arrival at NCAR in 1964, I made my acquaintance with Jim and met the other members of the young atmospheric chemistry program, Ed Martel and Irv Blifford, both of whom I had known from their IGY (International Geophysical Year ) work in the Nuclear Radiation Program. We met often for lunch at the old Aristocrat Steak House at Broadway and Spruce, where one could get a large, luscious T-bone lunch for $1.25.


After we moved to the mesa I kept up with Jim’s work. One particular thing I remember well was his excitement in looking at the glass slides he had sent aloft on a balloon into the stratosphere. He collected aerosol samples and identified them rather positively as sulfuric acid droplets, long before the acid rain furor. Jim brought distinguished visitors to NCAR and played an active role in the chemistry program until it was dismantled during the great budget crisis of the 1970s.

Jim’s last year or so was spent as a resident of The Academy retirement complex in Boulder. He moved in with us [at The Academy] after he had lost his wife and had suffered a debilitating stroke. He enjoyed life here, was affable although slow and measured in speech, and had enough of his faculties left to drive his car and keep busy editing a chemistry journal. My wife and I organized monthly video opera programs at The Academy, and Jim always attended and enjoyed the music.

Jim was a gentleman and a hard worker. It was a pleasure to know him.


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