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February 2002

The big news: buildings and benefits

As this issue of Staff Notes Monthly went to press, UCAR president Rick Anthes made two major announcements.

First came the news that UCAR, in its effort to provide more office and lab space, may purchase three buildings (totaling about 100,000 square feet) on the north end of Center Green Drive. The 5.6-acre campus faces Foothills Parkway just north of Valmont Road and just southwest of the Foothills campus. This purchase would be in lieu of constructing a new Foothills building (see "UCAR draws up plans for new Foothills building" in the September issue at http://www.ucar.edu/communications/staffnotes/0109).

(Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

Second, Rick announced that a much-debated plan to change UCAR’s vacation and sick leave policy would be deferred until 1 July. The announcement came after staff members raised concerns over the proposed changes.

Stay tuned for SN Monthly updates about the new buildings and UCAR’s leave policy.


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