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December 2001

Flaming tornadoes and other super science

Super Science Saturday attracted some 2,250 children, parents, teachers, and other folks to the Mesa Lab on 27 October.

Children learn about the effects of polarizing filters on light beams at one of the event's many activities tables. (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

Highlights of the annual public science event included demonstrations of such phenomena as comets, vortices, and flaming tornadoes, conducted by Tim Barnes (E&O), Bill Bradley (ACD), Janine Goldstein (JOSS), and Dennis Ward (COMET), as well as by Joan Alexander of NorthWest Research Associates. Outside the building, Ned Chamberlain (ATD) launched weather balloons.

Ned Chamberlain (ATD) discusses weather balloons. (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

Eight-month-old Sarina Rose Nichols gazes in fascination at a stuffed mountain lion from the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Conservation Center during Super Science Saturday. (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

Children enjoyed the many hands-on activity tables, run by CU Science Discovery, the Wild Bear Center for Nature Discovery, Collage Children's Museum, and the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Conservation Center (operated by Shelley Richards-Craig, of F&A, and Pat Craig). The event also featured play areas for exploring two educational toys, Fractiles and Wedgits; workshops on lasers, the scientific process, and other topics; and a science photography slide show by Nederland photographer Carlye Calvin.

"The science demonstrations were fantastic," says Linda Carbone (E&O). "I think everything went very, very well."

Super Science Saturday is funded by Friends of UCAR and a grant from the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District.

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