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September 2001


Staff Notes Monthly strives for accuracy, but unfortunately we do make occasional mistakes. Here are three corrections for the August issue. Our apologies to all concerned.

Page 2: The story on NCAR's ten new junior scientists incorrectly stated the funding for the new hires. UCAR director Rick Anthes' office is providing 50% of the funds, NCAR director Tim Killeen's office is providing 25%, and NCAR divisions are providing 25%.

Page 3: The story also included an error in measurement units in describing the research interests of one of the new junior scientists, James Smith of ACD. He will be studying the chemical composition of ultrafine aerosols, which have diameters ranging from 4 to 20 nanometers.

Page 8: The UCAR Board of Trustees is not involved in the appointments of Scientist III's. The final step in the Scientist III promotion process is appointment by the NCAR director.

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