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August 2001

A SOARS summer in portraits

Pauline Datulayta (left), who is researching animations of turbulent eddies and particle dispersion, with her research mentor, MMM's Chin-Hoh Moeng.
Monica Rivera and her research mentor, David Rogers of ATD. She is studying the chemical composition of particles using a concentrator.

The 21 protégés of the Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science program on site this summer are winding up their stays in Boulder. Their findings will be presented at the SOARS Colloquium, a series of seminars taking place at the Mesa and Foothills Labs 6–8 August. Check the calendar section of This Week at UCAR, for details on each talk. The schedule is also available on the SOARS Web site, under "SOARS 2001 Colloquium Information." See also "More about the SOARS protégés"

Andrew Church (right) with his research mentor, Jim Hurrell of CGD. Church is studying precursors to summer rainfall over South America.

Rynda Hudman (left) came to SOARS to research the effect of nonmethane hydrocarbons on ozone in STERAO (the Stratosphere-Troposphere Experiment: Radiation, Aerosols, and Ozone) storms. Her research mentor is Mary Barth (ACD/MMM). (Photos by Carlye Calvin.)

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