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July 2001

Eggs in space: A sci-fi fly-over

"Space Man" keeps its bearings on descent. Judge Pierre Prevost certifies the drop as an eggceptional success. "Space Man" was built by Phalen Dalton and Henry Hoffman (Jarrow Montessori School), with Jennifer Griffin (SCD).

Joe Dean, Ben Philips, and Will McNitt (Bridge School) display their grand-finale entry, "Space Station Mir," which descended in a blaze of glory.

Celebrating a safe landing. (Photos by Carlye Calvin.)

Hollywood gave the 15th annual Mesa Lab egg drop contest an irrestistible theme—"2001: A Space Odyeggsy." The strains of "Also Sprach Zarathrustra" and other majestic songs from 2001 lent gravity to the egg drop, while the buoyant spirits of participants kept the proceedings light. As in past years, UCAR staff competed drop for drop against kids from the Bridge School (where co- egganizer Paulette Gerardy teaches) and other local schools.

In a salute to cosmic calamity, some of Gerardy's top students put together "Space Station Mir." It closed the drop with a dramategg fall onto the grass beside the north tower. This year also brought a special nod to Lawrence Buja (CGD) and his perennial entry, "Resistance Is Futile; You Will Be Integrated!" NCAR egganizer Rene Munoz sighed, "OK, we give up!" Lawrence's humble craft, both aesthetically and aerodynamically pleasing, has landed with its cargo intact every year since 1992.

Rene gives a tip of the hat to the eggscellent assistance of judges Wendy Abshire (COMET) and Pierre Prevost (ACD), along with egg droppers Jeff Weber (Unidata), Jennifer Griffin (SCD), and Dennis Ward (COMET). You didn't need HAL to calculate the winner—as always, the kids ruled, though by a slimmer margin than usual.

• Bob Henson

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And the winners are . . .

Most Eggsploded

Staff: A tie between Tim Hundsdorfer (DIR), "AL 2000," and the NCAR cafeteria staff for "Café Bob" and "Café Susan" (the two watermelons)
Students: Sam Povilus, Bridge School eighth grader, "M.E."

Egg-drop fans dogged each entry.

Most Eggsotic

Staff: Wes Middleton (son of Adrienne Middleton, CGD) and friend Kurt Boram, "Eggscellent Saucer"
Students: Natty Leonoudakis, Bridge School eighth grader, "Spinnah"

Most Eggscellent (Grand Prize)

Staff: Lawrence Buja (CGD), "Resistance Is Futile; You Will Be Integrated!"
Students: Essie Snell, Bridge School eighth grader, "Egg- Pollo"

Overall success rate: Kids 81%, UCAR 77%

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