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June 2001

Spring Fling: Under blue skies, sync-opation rules

This year's judges for the fling made a ceremonial entrance. Leading the procession is wheelchair-riding Susie Siders (UCAR President's Office), who'd broken her leg just days before. Other judges were incumbents Carol Manteuffel (SaSS), Susan Montgomery-Hodge (UCAR President's Office), and Bonnie Slagel (COMET) and newcomers Norma Beasant (HR), Terri Cantrell (HAO), Barbara Middlebrook (RAP), Susan Stevens (SaSS), and Sandra Petrie (DIR). Perched above the crowd is Wes Wildcat (SCD), who videotaped the proceedings; a dub will be available from the NCAR Library. (Photos by Carlye Calvin.)

Nifty dance moves and blonde wigs were the order of the day on the basketball court at the Foothills Lab on 11 May. It was a new FL setting for the sixth annual lip-sync competition, part of UCAR's Spring Fling. Overcast skies that morning segued into perfect weather for the beach-themed Fling, organized by the Employee Activities Committee (EAC). The clear, balmy afternoon was a far cry from the cold winds and graupel that peppered last year's party at the Mesa Lab.

Once again, judges had plenty to sync their teeth into. Making good use of Eron Brennan's sound system, SCD and CGD both mounted production numbers to rival their lavish efforts from last year. With its three-act send-up of The Sound of Music, CGD took the grand prize--the "Big Mouth Billy Bass, the Singing Fish" trophy--as well as the Best Use of Mike Moran award. Mike portrayed the youngest daughter, Gretl.

What do you call an actor like Tim Barnes? A flibbertijibbet! A will-o'-the wisp! A clown!
Maria (Tim Barnes, at left), counsels her musical brood: (left to right) Liesl (Roger Dargaville, partially obscured), Friedrich (Sylvia Murphy), Louisa (Paula Fisher), Kurt (Julie Arblaster, center), Brigitta (Julie Caron), Marta (Judith Berner), and Gretl (Mike Moran).
The dancing Von Trapps included Sylvia Murphy, Judith Berner, Julie Arblaster (background), and Paula Fisher.

SCD's stylishly clad hoofers wowed the crowd with their take on Will Smith's rap from the film "Wild Wild West," scoring the Best Costumes and Best Choreography awards. (People of a certain age might have recognized the base track as Stevie Wonder's "I Wish.")

Renaissance performer Tim Barnes (OEO) won a Lifetime Achievement Award for willing himself into Smith's persona for SCD, then in-habiting the role of the perky nun Maria for CGD. According to Lana Soller (SCD), "Tim's been part of our [lip-sync] group for a long time. [SCD director] Al Kellie gave Tim a plaque at our retreat last fall and made him an honorary part of SCD."

The bawdy dancers of SCD took UCAR back to the 19th century--with a modern beat--through their rendition of "Wild Wild West." The black-hatted Tim Scheitlin, Steve Hammond, and Ethan Alpert (partially obscured) flank Tim Barnes.
Hoofing it are Tamara Rittner, Scot Colburn, Lana Soller, Bob Campbell (obscured), and Mary Haley.

Secrets of the stars

Curious how SCD and CGD put together their show stoppers? Check out these behind-the-scenes reports from Mary Haley (SCD) and the Julies of CGD (Arblaster and Caron).

EACers Craig Hartsough (HAO) and Wendy Abshire (COMET) kicked off the syncing and won the Judges' Fantasy Award with their robotic take on Aqua's "Barbie Girl." "The original idea and motivation were from Wendy, and I was asked to join in because I'm so easy to enlist," says Craig, who earned the Quick Change Award by switching outfits six times in three minutes. Wendy adds, "The idea was always that G.I Joe would win Barbie's heart over Ken." She notes that her costume included a dress bought in New York and accoutrements from "Toys R Us, Candy's vintage clothing store, and my closet!"

Next up was a live performance by Thelma Haline and the SSTs: Zhenya Gallon and Bob Henson (UCAR Communications) on vocals, with Robbie Stauffer and Sue Schauffler (ACD) on percussion. In a sequel to their 1998 rendition of "Blame It on El Niño," (see links for lyrics), the SSTs saluted the other half of ENSO with "The La Niña Song," set to the tune of Harry Belafonte's classic "Matilda." The SSTs were recognized for Cheapest Exploitation of a Weather Phenomenon and for the Best Non-Lip Sync Lip Sync.

Wendy Abshire's Barbie Girl finds true love with one of Craig Hartsough's six Ken-carnations.
Thelma Haline and the SSTs--(from left) Bob Henson, Zhenya Gallon, Robbie Stauffer, and Sue Schauffler--were the epitome of cooler-than-average as they performed "The La Niña Song."

Pearl Street earned the Wettest Act Award this year with a truly mutilayered work: Steve Hinson portraying Eddie Murphy portraying James Brown. Murphy had performed "James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub" for "Saturday Night Live" in 1983. Steve and company gave the piece new life with the help of a kid's wading pool and some frenetic choreography that earned them the Soul Train Award. "We discussed several songs," he notes, "and when we saw this act, everybody immediately agreed this was the one, except me, of course. I had to take vacation to practice my elegant and stately dance routine. (I'm kidding on all fronts)."

Post-sync, the Fling expanded across the Foothills campus. On the FL1/2 patio, beach-party food and drink from Velma Ryan and Food Services accompanied the surf-rock-redux of The Invaders. Children took to FL's rear sidewalks for a chalk-art contest, while kids of all ages enjoyed frisbee golf on the front lawn.

Steve Hinson feels good--and we knew that he would. Pearl Street's dance team included Connie Cage (Ieft) and Stacy Dobbs (right); not pictured is Tina Sedillo. Anita Monk-Ryan was the host/emcee/robe manager for the Hardest-Working Man in Show Biz. The air-instrument band included Janet Campbell, Kelly Coleman, Jennifer Strange, Melissa Miller, Missy Boone, and Denise Frederiksen.
Stacy Dobbs preps the crowd.

The folks behind the Fling

Tina Arthur and Craig Hartsough (lip-sync emcee, along with Jennifer Delaurant) spearheaded the months of planning required to put on the Spring Fling. Tina adds:

"Jennifer Delaurant put together the certificates and awards. Wendy Abshire organized the sidewalk chalk-art contest Megan Donnelly took photos with the digital camera. Teresa, Craig, Wendy, and I cleaned up the horseshoe pits. Other committee members put up fliers and helped at the event. We all chip in however we can! It's a great committee."

For more Fling photos, see the Web gallery from Carlye Calvin and the SCD News report.

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