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April 2001

News brief: UCAR scientists named AGU Fellows

Rick Anthes. (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

UCAR president Rick Anthes and NCAR senior scientist Art Richmond (HAO) have both been named Fellows of the American Geophysical Union.

The AGU honored Rick for "innovative research in understanding and modeling tropical cyclones and for strong leadership in the Earth sciences." Rick first joined UCAR in 1981 as a division director; he became director of NCAR in 1986 and president of UCAR in 1988. During these years of increasing administrative responsibilities, he has continued his research interests in remote sensing of the atmosphere using ground- and space-based GPS technologies and assimilation of the resulting data in numerical models.

Art Richmond.

Art was honored for his "extraordinary contributions and commitment to basic understanding of upper atmospheric dynamics and electrodynamics." Art has been with NCAR since 1983, first with the Atmospheric Chemistry and Aeronomy Division (as it was then called) and subsequently with HAO, where he currently heads the Terrestrial Impacts of Solar Output section. His recent research has focused on the electrodynamics of the ionosphere and thermosphere/ionosphere/magnetosphere coupling.

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