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April 2001

Call for images

(Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

UCAR Communications is looking for lots of good visuals for the UCAR/NCAR Digital Image Library.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the image library helps explain what we do. In return, photographers contributing to the library gain widespread exposure for their work, since the visuals will be available to the public on the Web.

Ideally, images in the library should depict the wide range of UCAR science and activities: from atmospheric and solar phenomena, pollution, clouds, research instruments, field projects, model output, and education, to the Mesa Lab, Jeffco, Mauna Loa, and their surroundings. Visuals can be in a range of media, including photographs, animations, and videotapes.

Some examples of images we're looking for include:

These images will be used by UCAR staff, educators, and publishers in presentations, Web sites, and publications. All people donating images will be recognized on a credits page; UCAR becomes the shared owner of the images in the collection. If you would like to have your images included in the digital image library, please contact me at (303) 497-8606, razo@ucar.edu, to discuss your collection.

• Nita Razo

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