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March 2001

A chat with Danny McKenna: ACD's new director

Daniel McKenna. (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

In January, six months after having accepted the position, Daniel McKenna arrived to assume the directorship of the Atmospheric Chemistry Division. "This is a wonderful opportunity for me," Danny says. "ACD is very diverse; there's a wide spectrum of research being done here and I'm looking forward to being involved."

As noted in the August 2000 issue of Staff Notes Monthly, Danny comes to Boulder from Lammersdorf, Germany, where he'd been the founding director of the Institute for Stratospheric Chemistry, which is an institutional member of the broader Institute for Chemistry and Dynamics of the Geosphere (of which he'd been executive director), a part of the even larger Research Center Jülich. (The Research Center Jülich is Germany's largest research center with a staff of about 4,300.) In addition to the two directorships, Danny was a professor of atmospheric chemistry at the University of Bonn. "I hope to continue collaborating with my former colleagues at Research Center Jülich and others in Europe," Danny remarks. "As pollution has become globalized, so our research on it needs to be globally coordinated."

A native of Scotland (as is evident from his accent), he received his Ph.D. from the University of Glasgow and then spent over a decade with the U.K. Meteorological Office. "One of my fondest memories of my years with the Met Office were my flights on the research aircraft," Danny remembers. "I never failed to enjoy that. In fact," he adds, "the Met Office's C-130 aircraft was the first to make on-site measurements of the plumes created by the Gulf War. We were able to get in while it was still technically a war zone."

Danny intends to continue his research on quantitative diagnosis and simulation of Arctic ozone depletion. "While modeling is a valuable tool for helping us understand what's happening," Danny notes, "we must also continue to explore fundamental processes through observation. Given the possibilities presented by NCAR, and ACD in particular, I envision becoming closely involved with the other research that goes on in the division."

And what's in store for ACD? " I can't say yet," Danny laughs. "Like the rest of NCAR, we're in the process of developing our strategic plan." The UCAR Quarterly will revisit Danny in a few months for an answer to this question.

• Sally Bates


After the February issue of Staff Notes Monthly went to press, the following changes occurred:

Office of Education and Outreach

The OEO reorganized. Here is the new organization:

Director: Roberta Johnson
Associate Director: Susan Foster
Administrator: Annette Lambert
Administrative Asistant: Karen Smith-Herman
Software Engineer: Ryan Deardorff
Community and Public Services:
Tour Program: Rene Munoz, Coordinator, and Tim Barnes, Program Assistant
Exhibits and Informal Education: Linda Carbone, Coordinator
Science Store: Heidi Lewis, Manager
Director: Tom Windham
Administrator: Beverly Johnson
Administrative Assistant: Wendy Pagel
LEARN and CLIMATE Programs:
Director and Principal Investigator: Sandra Henderson

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