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January 2001

Update: APS study of organizational climate

Staff attending town meetings with UCAR leadership in November heard results from the site visit and survey conducted last summer by the Committee on the Status of Women in Physics of the American Physical Society (APS). The UCAR Management Committee invited the APS to examine the organizational climate and make recommendations leading to enhanced recruitment, retention, and advancement of women scientists and of all UCAR employees, male and female. The APS report was forwarded to UCAR management in late fall.

In his town meetings at ML and FL on 8–9 November, UCAR president Rick Anthes focused on some of the findings and recommendations by the APS committee. The committee's report is on the Web.

Tim Killeen discussed the UCAR response to the APS recommendations during his Town Meetings on 29 November. The official UCAR response is on the Web.

A future issue of Staff Notes Monthly will offer reflections on the APS report and ongoing response efforts from a cross section of UCAR management and staff.

• Zhenya Gallon

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