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December 2000

New Hires

(front row, left to right):
Enrica Bellone, scientific visitor with CGD.
Jean Renz, administrative assistant with ESIG.
Rebecca Smith, student assistant with JOSS.

(back row, left to right):
Mary Hanson, accountant with F&A.
Jennifer Strange, contracts administrator with F&A.
Donald Hall, systems administrator with JOSS.

(front row, left to right):
Tian-You Yu, postdoctoral fellow with ASP.
Christopher Deardorff, web systems advisor/developer with DLEASE.
Hildy Kane, administrative assistant with DLESE.
Wendy Derman, systems administrator with F&A.

(back row, left to right):
Astrid Maute, associate scientist with HAO.
Mark Tschudi, scientific visitor with ATD.
Annick Pouquet, senior scientist with ASP.
Brandon Whitcher, scientific visitor with CGD.

(front row, left to right):
Arnaud Dumont, software engineer/programmer with RAP.
Sebastien Zindel, student visitor with ACD.
Stephane Lutz, student visitor with ACD.

(back row, left to right):
Sharon Lewis, associate scientist with MMM.
Eric Maloney, postdoctoral fellow with VSP.
Kathleen Barney, administrative assistant with ACD.

Other New Hires

Jannifer Han, student assistant with Science Store.
Andrew Harris, scientific visitor with VSP.
Tahl Kestin, postdoctoral fellow with VSP.
Nicholas Sundt, program associate with JOSS.
Wassila Thiaw, project scientist with JOSS.
Kevin Welsh, casual with F&A.
Mei Zhang, postdoctoral fellow with HAO.


Bruce Anderson, 1 November
Darrel Baumgardner, 3 May
Deng-Bo Chen, 10 November
Tammy Davis, 12 January
Peter Morreale, 2 November
Kim Partington, 3 November
John Pedretti, 8 November
Helen Mary Perks, 31 October
Youri Plokhenko, 4 November
Tonna-Marie Surgeon, 2 August
Cara Sucher, 13 October
David Verardo, 20 October
Matthew Wheeler, 19 October
John Yeung, 31 August

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