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November 2000

New Hires

(front row, left to right):
Melanie Whitmire, administrative assistant with JOSS.
Michael Bell, student assistant with ATD.
Sarah Streett, scientific visitor with CGD.

(back row, left to right):
Wenbin Wang, project scientist with HAO.
Valery Yudin, scientific visitor with ACD.
Stanley Solomon, project scientist with HAO.
Alan Burns, project scientist with HAO.

Other New Hires

Emma Archer, scientific visitor with VSP.
Quinn Daily, student assistant with JOSS.
Ruth Doherty, scientific visitor with ESIG.
Sajal Kar, scientific visitor with VSP.
Wayne Moore, vice president for business development with the UCAR Foundation.
Wendy Pagel, administrative assistant with SOARS.
Megan Smith, program specialist with JOSS.


Claudia Benitez-Nelson, 11 October
Ke Chen, 30 September
Curt Conquest, 17 September
Kathleen Cromwell, 30 September
Richard Dixon, 9 October
Jun Du, 30 September
Thomas Hamill, 30 September
David Harper, 6 October
Kristine Hensel, 4 October
Joann Lysne, 22 September
Premal Madhani, 30 August
Rebecca McKeown, 2 October
Wendy Pagel, 26 September
Matthew Park, 22 September
Bradley Phillips, 15 September
John Taylor, 15 September
Kevin Welsh, 13 October


Sally Bates, 13 October
John Leese, 30 September
Florence Ormond, 17 September

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