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November 2000

Two nights to remember: HAO's 60th, UCAR and NCAR's 40th

A tip of the hat to Food Services

UCAR's Special Functions/Food Services team, led by Velma Ryan, had one of its busiest weeks on record keeping hundreds of visitors to the Mesa Lab satisfied. Debbi Naugle, Betty Singleton, and Nancy Post van der Berg worked on planning and general support. Food and service were provided by Brian Gordon, Cathy Halvorson, David Neale, Madelynn McCowan, Brian Anderson, Marc Faure, Vickie Culkin, and Barbara Ferguson. Pitching in for the 10 October dinner were Debbie Graham and Tim Barnes. "Except for the fire alarm going off in the middle of Paul MacCready's talk, the banquet went off without a hitch. Velma and her staff did a fabulous job with the food and service," says Cindy Schmidt.

Back-to-back dinners on 9 and 10 October provided a festive climax to this year's recognition of the 60th anniversary of the High Altitude Observatory and the 40th anniversary of NCAR and UCAR. Founders and friends flew in from throughout the country (and beyond, in at least one case).

At HAO, a day of seminars and demonstrations updated visitors on the state of the division's science. About 200 guests attended the banquet that evening at the Spice of Life Event Center, including several who worked at HAO between 1940 and 1960.

The following night, almost 400 people packed into the Mesa Lab for the UCAR/NCAR bash, including staff with over 30 years of service. Pilot and inventor Paul MacCready, a pioneer in remotely powered, energy-conserving aircraft, delivered the keynote speech. Six guests of honor were spotlighted:

The UCAR/NCAR banquet fell midway through a crowded week of meetings involving UCAR trustees, representatives from all 63 UCAR member institutions, and the heads and chairs of atmospheric science departments across the country. (Three new UCAR members were approved--Arizona State, Howard, and Rutgers Universities--bringing the total to 66.) Discussions through the week ranged from NCAR's evolving strategic plan to how UCAR and NCAR can best serve the universities to the challenges of recruiting and retaining graduate students.

• Bob Henson

Additional details on the UCAR meetings will appear in the upcoming winter issue of the UCAR Quarterly.

Cindy Worster (top right) coordinated much of the salute to HAO's 60th, including this memory-tickling poster. Joining Cindy are former HAOer Howard Hull and ACD's Bill Mankin (an HAO employee in the 1960s). Other members of the organizing committee (not pictured) are Chris Meyer, Craig Hartsough, Veda Emmett, and Tom Bogdan. (All photos by Carlye Calvin.)

Former HAO director Peter Gilman indulges.

HAO banquet coordinator Tom Bogdan shares a moment with Janet Roberts, first lady of NCAR and HAO.

Behind the scenes: The 40th banquet was orchestrated by the UCAR Office of Development and Government Affairs, including (left to right) Gloria Kelly, Laura Curtis, and Cindy Schmidt. Not pictured is Susan Foster.

The 60th banquet brought an appearance from Mary Andrews Wolff and Ed Wolff. Mary was Walt Roberts's administrative assistant in the 1950s at HAO. In the 1960s, Mary retained that role after HAO moved to NCAR. Ed served as associate director during his 20-plus-year tenure at NCAR, where he met and married Mary.

UCAR president Rick Anthes (left) presents an NCAR portrait to Harlan Cleveland.

Among the HAO retirees who showed up for the 60th banquet was Grant Athay.

Earl Droessler (North Carolina State University) was one of the university founders of UCAR who made the 40th banquet.

Harlan Cleveland (left) and Reid Bryson (right, with wife Frances) were two of the special guests at the 40th banquet.

As part of the science program for HAO's 60th, David Elmore demonstrates optical test equipment for the U.S.–Japan satellite Solar-B. This follow-up to Yohkoh, scheduled for launch in 2005, will include an instrument similar to HAO's Advanced Stokes Polarimeter.

A jazz combo led by Dave Fulker (Unidata) serenaded guests at the 40th banquet with weather-themed songs.

Shown in these two photos are a sampling of the attendees who joined HAO in the 1940s and 1950s. (clockwise from top) Dick Hanson, Bob Lee, George Schnabel, Lydia Cook, and Rudy Cook.

(clockwise from top) Keith Watson, George Curtis, Charlie Garcia Jr. (Mauna Loa Solar Observatory), and Shirley (Friel) Hanson.

Part of the Roberts family contingent at the HAO dinner was Walt's sister, Jean Roberts Reller, who now lives in Indiana.

It was a busy week for Roberta Johnson (HAO scientist/UCAR education director) and NCAR director Tim Killeen.

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