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August 2000

New Hires

(front row, left to right)
Jamie Vogt, associate scientist with RAP.
Marsha Gilbert, division/program administrator with MMM.
James Norman, student visitor with HAO.
Lynn Berry, student assistant with RAP.

(back row, left to right)
Tara Jay, administrative assistant with JOSS.
Tad Hayden, technician with SCD.
Thomas Winterhalder, electrician with F&A.
Noel Jorden, student assistant with SCD.

(sitting, left to right)
Robert Yale, maintenance worker with F&A.
Roberta Johnson, UCAR Director of Education and Outreach and project scientist with HAO.

(standing, left to right)
John Eckhardt, student assistant with RAP.
Timothy Killeen, director of NCAR.
James Smith, postdoctoral fellow with ASP.
David Knapp, systems administrator with CGD.
Angel Gutierrez, student assistant with RAP.
Amer Cassier, student assistant with ACD.

Other New Hires

Bradley Phillips, scientific visitor with VSP.
David Schulzinger, student assistant with JOSS.
John Taylor, scientific visitor with VSP.
Qian Wu, project scientist with HAO.


Ron Alberty, 30 June
Toni Biter, 23 June
Mathieu Bour, 19 June
Manchun Chen, 30 June
Donna Eastman, 16 June
Barry Huebert, 7 July
Danielle Johnson, 5 July
Daniel Leroux, 30 June
Ward Manchester, 30 June
Lynn Mortensen, 15 June
Daniel Riemer, 15 June
Claudia Tebaldi, 30 June
Yiping Zhang, 7 July

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