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Volume 35, Number 8 -- August 2000

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Over the past few weeks, Mesa Lab staff have felt the earth—or at least the tree plaza—move under their feet. As part of the multiyear ML renovation, the aging trees installed in the 1960s have been removed and the paving demolished. By the end of the fall, the plaza will sport a set of young Patmore ash trees and a new concrete floor, tapered slightly to allow for better drainage. The insistent jackhammering was partly because the original plaza didn't want to give up the ghost. "The second layer of concrete didn't come out as easily as we thought," says Tina Bogott, ML renovation manager. "When you're demolishing something that's 35 years old, you don't always know what you're getting into." Staff Notes Monthly will provide more on the tree plaza and other ML upgrades in the September issue. (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

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