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July 2000

SCD seminar series: New frameworks for computer models

Monday, 17 July

"KeLP: A C++ Class Library for Implementing Portable Scientific Applications on Distributed Memory Parallel Architectures"
Dan Shalit
University of California at San Diego

Monday, 31 July

"Overture: Object-Oriented Tools for Solving CFD and Combustion Problems in Complex Moving Geometry"
Bill Henshaw
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

A series of seminars sponsored by the Scientific Computing Division is exploring the idea of reusable software building blocks that can simplify the creation of complicated models. Developing large, complex codes such as climate and weather models is a resource-intensive, lengthy process. Software toolkits and frameworks can help researchers build models faster and more efficiently. Since shared code is used and tested in a variety of applications, it is often more flexible, portable, and robust than code developed especially for a single application.

However, according to SCD software engineer Cecelia DeLuca, atmospheric scientists are still creating much of their code from scratch–perhaps more than they need to be. "Software reuse in NCAR applications is largely limited to mathematical libraries and utility libraries, such as netCDF," says Cecelia. "As a community we are still learning what other types of code reuse are possible and desirable for our applications." This summer's seminars are designed to encourage such thinking.

Each day begins with a 10:30 a.m. presentation by one or more speakers who have developed reusable software on parallel computing platforms. An afternoon workshop then provides a chance to ask more detailed technical questions. "The packages described may have direct application for NCAR simulations, or they may be valuable simply as a source of ideas for restructuring codes," Cecelia says. "At the workshops we will place a special emphasis on how data structures are implemented in each package."

The first seminar in the series was held on 5 June, with Satish Balay

and Dinesh Kaushik (Argonne National Laboratory). The seminars scheduled for July are shown below. Each begins at 10:30 a.m. in the ML Main Seminar Room. Workshops are in the ML Chapman Room at 2:00 p.m.

Tutorial materials for each seminar and workshop are available from Jennifer Delaurant (delauran@ucar.edu). More sessions are being planned for August. Watch This Week at UCAR's calendar and the SCD seminar listings for details. •

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