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July 2000

New Hires

(front row, left to right)
Julie Schramm, associate scientist with CGD.
Prescott Eisele, student visitor with ACD.
Margaret McClellan, director of Legal Services.

(back row, left to right):
Jeanne Raush, library technician with ISS.
Dean Smith, casual with ATD.
Joseph Boyd, student visitor with HAO.
Ziggie Swan, shuttle driver with F&A.
Curtis Martin, student visitor with ATD.

(front row, left to right)
John Hopewell, student visitor with ATD.
Abishua Moua, casual with FSS.
Vera Murray, student assistant with ISS.
Jessica Bliesner, student assistant with ISS.

(middle row, left to right)
Jeffrey Custard, network engineer with FSS.
Yi-Kai Liu, student assistant with SCD.
Feng Ling, systems administrator with ATD.
Brian Hill, student visitor with ACD.

(back row, left to right)
Blake Caldwell, student assistant with FSS.
Jonas D'Andrea, student assistant with RAP.
Alex Baia, student assistant with RAP.
Robert Dillon, student assistant with ASP.

Other New Hires

Robert Gablehouse, associate scientist with HAO. FL2 room 3083, ext. 1505.
Paul Harasti, postdoctoral fellow with VSP. 305-229-4447.
Tad Hayden, technician with SCD. ML room 36, ext. 8629.
Young-Joon Kim, scientific visitor with VSP. 831-656-4700.
Sandra MacCracken, division/program administrator with JOSS. 202-314-2225.


Lori Bailey, 16 May
Rachel Buchberger, 25 May
Maxime Claire, 31 May
Beth Epperly, 17 May
David Glass, 13 May
Gailon Greene, 30 May
Estelle Haag, 31 May
Andrea Johnson, 2 June
Patrick Kellogg, 26 May
Thomas Lauren, 15 May
Carol McLaren, 26 May
Carla Mitchell,19 May
Fabien Mura, 31 May
Lia Pennington, 19 May
Stuart Robertson, 31 May
Gilbert Smith, 12 May
Audrey Specht, 31 May
Michael Tallman, 5 May
Jinxue Wang, 30 April

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