June 2000

New Hires

(front row, left to right):
Vanessa Carney, administrative assistant with JOSS.
Dorothy Bustamante, division/program administrator with SCD.
Michael Stamps, traffic services clerk with F&A.

(back row, left to right):
John Ellis, software engineer/programmer with SCD.
David Deniman, casual with PAGE.
Victoria Culkin, food services generalist with FSS.
Mark Stevens, associate scientist with CGD.

Other New Hires

Deng-Bo Chen, systems administrator with RAP.
Sandra MacCracken, division/program administrator with JOSS. 202-314-2225.
Michael Montgomery, traffic services clerk with F&A.
Dean Smith, casual with ATD.


Sue Bicknell, 14 April
Samuel Brandon, 9 May
Soren Brun, 12 May
Garth D'Attilo, 9 May
John Emergy, 28 April
Aime Fournier, 31 March
Nimal Gamage, 23 April
Filippo Giorgi, 30 April
Eli Karplus, 30 April
Lauren Kerzicnik, 5 May
Jenny Maggert, 28 April
Peter Romanov, 5 May
Andrey Shmakin, 22 April
Weimin Wu, 20 April

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