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Volume 35, Number 6 -- June 2000

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A much-loved member of the Unidata staff is now memorialized in the rock-garden area at the front of the FL complex. Glenn Davis and two passengers died when his Mooney aircraft crashed in poor weather near Cedar City, Utah, on 3 May 1999. A memorial service for the software engineer was held two weeks later at the Mesa Lab. "After the service, the Unidata staff wanted something more permanent, so we decided to erect a stone in his memory," says Tom Yoksas. Since Glenn loved to fly, the group originally looked at a site just east of FL1, close to Boulder Municipal Airport, but the spot of interest was outside UCAR grounds. "The small rock-garden area near the visitor parking south of FL2 seemed like the second- best bet," says Tom. Maintenance installed the stone there, and Unidata staff held a small gathering on the first anniversary of Glenn's death. See the Web page created by Unidata in Glenn's memory.

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