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May 2000

Circle the date: Bubbles and balloons on 18 June

Kids of all ages can celebrate Father's Day at UCAR's most extravagant public event in five years. The Bubble and Balloon Festival will explode on the mesa Sunday, 18 June, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It's a highlight of the year-long series of events honoring UCAR and NCAR's 40th anniversary. Modeled on a similar event at the Pacific Science Center, but with a unique UCAR/NCAR flavor, the festival combines art, music, and science to explain the workings of bubbles and balloons. The current agenda looks like this:

Food and drink will be on sale, and large tents will keep the action going even if the weather turns sour. NSF director Rita Colwell and incoming NCAR director Tim Killeen will be on hand. Colwell will also deliver a public talk on Monday, 19 June. Watch This Week at UCAR and the June issue of Staff Notes Monthly for more details.

Bob Henson

Ribbon-cutting, too

A 2:00 p.m. ribbon cutting will mark the official debut of the ML 40th- anniversary exhibit. This interactive addition is being installed in the north mezzanine and the square stairwell descending to the SCD machine room. Six panels will cover UCAR and NCAR history, complexity in the earth system, the human-climate intersection, and how models and measurements combine to yield forecasts. The exhibit is partially funded by Bank One, TIAA-CREF, PacifiCare, Holland & Hart, and Marsh USA.

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