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Volume 35, Number 5 -- May 2000

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Mule deer who stop by the Fleischmann Building to munch on tallgrass might be surprised by what they find this spring. The latest creation of NCAR landscaper Rich Johnson is this flower garden just outside the window of the Walter Orr Roberts Board Room. Two stone benches were also added to the walkway leading from the FB board room to the ML parking lot. Rich installed the garden last summer to replace the hapless bluegrass that was perpetually being devoured by deer. The garden's flowers and grasses were chosen to be deer-resistant, and "we've been about 80 percent successful," says Rich. Deer- resistant doesn't mean deer-proof, according to Susie Siders, administrative assistant to the UCAR president. "The only thing that doesn't appeal to them at all is the daffodils. They eat a blossom and then spit it out with a look that says, 'Bleh! I forgot I don't like that!' " •BH

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