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April 2000

An all-staff toast to Bob Serafin

Bob Serafin. (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

The end of this month marks the end of Bob Serafin's 11 years as NCAR director. All staff are invited to a party honoring NCAR's longest-serving leader in the Mesa Lab cafeteria starting at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, 27April.

Bob's not actually leaving us, though--he's merely transitioning. Later this year he'll move to an office in ESIG's new home in FL1 (see the February '00 issue of Staff Notes Monthly). Bob will work full time until his official retirement next February. After that, he'll stay on part time.

One title Bob knows he'll assume in 2001 is that of president of the American Meteorological Society. Bob was elected at the AMS annual meeting in January. He'll serve on the executive committee of the AMS Council for the next four years: one preceding the year of his presidency and two following it. "Essentially, the president's job is to chair the council, which is the governing body of the AMS," says Bob. "I'll also represent the society nationally and internationally during that year. There's a fair amount of travel, meeting with and talking to people."

Travel is already on Bob's agenda--he's taking two short sabbaticals. The first is a visit to Europe now under way. In the fall Bob will spend roughly six weeks at the Sydney 2000 Field Demonstration Project. Overlapping with the Summer Olympics, this international effort will test a number of nowcasting systems and apply them to weather prediction on very small space and time scales before, during, and after the games. RAP's Auto-nowcaster, which projects thunderstorm behavior up to an hour in advance, will be part of the Sydney project. The games will end in early October, but Bob won't arrive until later that month: "We think the weather will be more interesting after the Olympics are over, and [by that point] we'll actually be able to find a place to stay."

Back in the USA, Bob and his wife Betsy are enjoying their new home in Nederland overlooking Barker Reservoir. The Serafins moved last month after living in the same house since their Boulder arrival in 1973. Needless to say, "Moving was a real chore." •BH

Walt Dabberdt will serve as acting NCAR director from 1 May until Tim Killeen arrives 1 July. For more on the new director, see the March '00 issue of Staff Notes Monthly.

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