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March 2000

New Hires

(left to right):
Jeremy Hackney, associate scientist with CGD.
Heidi Lewis, science store supervisor with Exhibits.
Martha Garrison, shuttle driver with F&A.
Emily Doremire, site services coordinator with F&A.

Other New Hires

Eric Anderson, casual with VSP.
Cintia Bertacchi Uvo, postdoctoral fellow with VSP.
Jean-Francois Estrade, scientific visitor with VSP.
Sabine Goeke, postdoctoral fellow with ASP.
Marianne Hopp, postdoctoral fellow with VSP.
Olivier Pauluis, postdoctoral fellow with VSP.
Joseph Prusa, scientific visitor with MMM.
Tonna-Marie Surgeon, scientific visitor with JOSS.
Joao Teixeira, scientific visitor with VSP.
Julia Verville, postdoctoral fellow with VSP.
Fuqing Zhang, postdoctoral fellow with MMM.


Natalie Anderson, 25 January
Bradley Crysel, 31 January
Marilyn Cummelin, 4 February
Sylvia Darmour, 21 January
Gabriel Hamilton, 19 January
Michael Lance Jones, 9 February
Sonia Lasher-Trapp, 31 January
Ying Lin, 30 January
Bruno Nardi, 2 February
David Pitts, 4 February


Willie Haynes, 27 January

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