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February 2000

UCAR sets up shop on Pearl Street

About 75 people from F&A will be moving to leased space at 4840 Pearl East Circle in the next few weeks. The move is the largest staff relocation since the Foothills Lab was acquired in the early 1990s.

UCAR's newest space (informally dubbed Pearl Street for now) sits near the Courtyard by Marriott hotel at the southeast corner of Pearl Street and Foothills Parkway. The building is not being viewed as a permanent solution to our space crunch. It's expected that groups moving to Pearl Street will be there for up to three years, says Katy Schmoll, vice president for F&A. "During that time we will evaluate the space needs for the organization and our options."

According to move coordinator Angie Garcia, "When [F&A] moved into the Foothills Lab back in 1992, it was with the understanding that if space were needed for science we would be the first to move out." ESIG will move from its current FL2/FL3 space to FL1, freeing up room for RAP to expand. Leaving a chunk of FL1 temporarily vacant will also simplify logistics for the rewiring project later this year that will push most FL residents from their offices for periods of several weeks.

The building features two towers and a first floor connecting the two. UCAR tenants are expected to occupy about 75% of the building (three floors of one tower and the first floor connecting the towers) as soon as remodeling is complete. The F&A groups moving to Pearl Street include Budget and Finance (except for Dave Waltman and Donna Melle), Business Services, Information Technology (except for those staff who support primarily ML staff), and the Safety and Site Services director's office (Steve Sadler, Carol Manteuffel, Milenda Powers, and Pat Baker). The building will also house the new Corporate Technology Training Center, which will accommodate in-house software classes.

The new site will include some shuttle and food services, although details were still being ironed out at press time. For more on the move, check the FAQ maintained by Angie.

Bob Henson

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