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Volume 35, Number 2 -- February 2000

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The lunar eclipse of 20 January was indeed spectacular, but NCAR associate director Walt Dabberdt recently caught a different scene of lunar beauty. Walt was in the Steamboat Springs area at the time of the full moon last 24 October. At moonrise, says Walt, "The skies were virtually clear except for this one wave-like cloud at the ridge line above and just south of Walton Canyon." Walt calls himself an "enthusiastic but sporadic" outdoor photographer. "I try to pack my camera bag whenever traveling to the mountains (which is often). This is certainly one of my personal favorites, especially because of the unusual translucent effect of the moon rising through the cloud." To bag this image, Walt used a tripod-mounted Minolta Maxxum SPxi SLR with 200-speed 35-millimeter film and an exposure (as he recalls) of eight seconds. The lens was a Tamron AF 70-300 mm telephoto.

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