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Winter 1997

UCAR gains new member, new trustees

Texas Technological University is the 63rd member of UCAR, following a vote at the October meeting of the UCAR Members' Representatives. UCAR's membership criteria are met by the activities of Texas Tech's Wind Engineering Research Center, which focuses on the interactions of severe weather--hurricanes, cyclones, and tornadoes--with built structures. The center maintains a close working relationship with faculty in the university's Atmospheric Sciences Group and grants Ph.D. degrees in the atmospheric and related sciences.

At the same meeting, three new UCAR trustees were elected, replacing outgoing board members William Bishop, Donald Johnson, and Richard Johnson:

Trustees Conway Leovy (University of Washington) and Lyn Hutton (Dartmouth College) were reelected. Their addresses, and those of the rest of the UCAR Board of Trustees, may be found on the Web.

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