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Winter 1997

New products from the UCAR Office of Development and Government Affairs

Some 60 color images and a sample script form the building blocks for speaking about the atmospheric sciences to nonspecialist audiences. The package, given to all UCAR members' representatives at their October meeting, is designed for use by anyone interested in presenting a talk to the general public. It includes a sample script for a 30-minute talk giving an overview of atmospheric science in lay terms, including societal impacts of weather and climate. The material is divided into sections so that presenters can choose any or all of it and supplement it with their own areas of interest. The images (available as color transparencies or slides) range from hailstorms and volcanic eruptions, to satellite images of Hurricane Andrew and the damage left in its wake, to scientists in the field. It will also be available on the Web as soon as possible.

To obtain the package, contact Laura Curtis (303-497-2106 or lcurtis@ucar.edu).

The office also debuted a newsletter called UCAR Search and Research in October. It focuses on information about funding opportunities in the atmospheric sciences and related fields, from both federal and private sources. Less traditional grant opportunities and fellowship information are included as available. To receive the newsletter, contact Linda Sitea (303-497-2114 or lindas@ucar.edu).

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