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Academic Affiliates meet in Atlanta

Representatives of 13 UCAR Academic Affiliates met in Atlanta on 29 January in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society. UCAR president Richard Anthes welcomed the attendees and then spoke briefly of his concern about the current negative attitude in Washington toward science and scientific research. He recommended that all AAP members send letters to their congressional representatives to voice their opinions on funding for science. The UCAR Office of Government Affairs, he said, can provide sample letters.

UCAR vice-president Harriet Barker introduced Fernando Diaz of Universidad Metropolitana in Puerto Rico (see accompanying article). UMET is one of six universities chosen by NSF for its Model Institutions for Excellence program, established to increase opportunities in science for underrepresented groups. UCAR is serving as a mentor institution for UMET, which has been invited to join AAP. Diaz described his university's ambitious plans for developing its science program, as well as some of the challenges they face. He also passed out a draft curriculum for a new bachelor's degree program in environmental science and asked for advice and comments from other affiliates. In the subsequent discussion of how UCAR and AAP might help UMET reach its goals, Diaz was presented with what Barker called a "cafeteria selection" of in-kind assistance and resources, including a variety of curricular materials, access to real-time weather data through Unidata, and visits by experts in various atmospheric science fields through the Visiting Scholars Program. (See the Spring 1995 UCAR Quarterly.)

David Smith (U.S. Naval Academy) reported on the October AAP meeting. One item from that meeting was a resolution to establish a UCAR Committee on Educational Outreach. The committee has been formed; members include Barker, Maurice Blackmon, David Fulker, Margaret LeMone, Beverly Lynds, William Pennell, Cynthia Schmidt, and Warren Washington (all of UCAR); Smith; Richard Clark (Millersville University of Pennsylvania); Stanley Gedzelman (City College of the City University of New York); and Cherilynn Morrow (University of Colorado at Boulder).

Surplus equipment available

Denise Stephenson-Hawk (Clark Atlanta University) asked how UCAR can assist a meteorology program that has just started, especially with acquiring instrumentation and other equipment. Joseph Zabransky (Plymouth State College) agreed that this is an item of interest to all AAP institutions. UCAR does have surplus equipment that could be made available to affiliates. A list of some 500 items is being prepared. For more information, contact Janet Evans (303-497-8858 or jevans@ucar.edu).

MIE institutions

Bowie State University, Maryland
Oglala Lakota College, South Dakota
Spelman College, Georgia
Universidad Metropolitana, Puerto Rico
University of Texas at El Paso
Xavier University of Louisiana

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