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Brant Foote is new RAP director

Brant Foote, senior scientist in NCAR's Research Applications Program, has been appointed as the director of RAP by NCAR director Robert Serafin. Brant succeeds John McCarthy, who became a UCAR vice president and director of the Walter Orr Roberts Institute earlier this year. Richard Wagoner served as interim director of RAP.

A specialist in mesoscale meteorology, Foote came to NCAR as a postdoctoral fellow in 1970. He was a project leader with the National Hail Research Experiment during the 1970s and became a senior scientist in 1982, serving in the Field Observing Facility, the Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division, and, most recently, in RAP.

Foote earned his bachelor's degree in mathematics and his master's and doctoral degrees in atmospheric sciences at the University of Arizona. He recently ended an eight-year tenure as editor of the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, has served on several national and international committees, and led a number of large field programs, including most recently an experiment to study terrain-induced wind shear and turbulence in Hong Kong.

"I expect RAP to continue its important role in technology transfer related to aviation weather hazard issues," says Foote. "There is a lot of exciting research and development to be accomplished in the aviation arena and in other areas where detection and short-term forecasts of significant weather events have a big payoff for society."

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