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Volume 18
Winter 1994

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TOGA COARE and an ocean of data. Workshop in Toulouse focuses on how to deal with the data from one of the biggest field experiments ever.
The President's Corner. UCAR president Richard Anthes reports on efforts to ensure the free and unrestricted international exchange of data.
Neal Lane visits UCAR. NSF director gets a tour of the divisions, programs, and facilities.
Expedition to the Arctic. University of Colorado researcher Judith Curry uses the newly acquired NSF/NCAR C-130 to get some reality checks on global warming predictions.
The road less traveled. UCAR's affiliate professor program encourages scientists to teach and do research at universities.
Education. Two NSF-funded projects focus on materials development and teacher enhancement. Skymath gets under way while Project LEARN takes stock of its successes and begins some new directions.
Science Bits. Tidbits on research at UCAR members and affiliates.
Washington Update. The latest on porkbarreling.
Affiliate profile. This issue, we visit one of UCAR's newest affiliates, the lovely and historic University of Charleston. Laney Mills, the universities representative to UCAR, shares some thoughts on his sabbatical at NCAR.
New RAP director. Brant Foote replaces John McCarthy.

Welcome to the UCAR Quarterly

This is the first issue of UCAR's new quarterly publication. It is an updated and, we hope, even more useful successor to the UCAR Newsletter. In addition to familiar features such as the President's Corner and Washington Update, the Quarterly incorporates some new ones. These include regular updates on UCAR educational activities, profiles of UCAR Members and Affiliates, and condensed science news notes from UCAR member and affiliate institutions. Items that require quick dissemination, such as announcements, appointments, job openings, and the calendar, now appear every Thursday on our new electronic publication, UCARline. To subscribe to UCARline, send an e-mail message to majordomo@ucar.edu with no subject line and only the words "subscribe ucarline" in the body. We hope you like these new publications and welcome any comments or suggestions.

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