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meteor crater

Meteorologists and a meteor

The goal of the Meteor Crater Experiment (METCRAX) was to gather data on the subtle and occasionally puzzling microclimate produced in Arizona by a kilometer-wide, meteorite-carved depression, aptly named Meteor Crater. more>

budburst leaders

A blossoming of research

Project Budburst, a nationwide initiative launched by UCAR and a team of partners on 15 February, enables volunteers to track climate change by observing the timing of flowers and foliage. more>

tim killeen

Tim Killeen tapped to lead NSF GEO

NCAR director Timothy Killeen has been selected as NSF assistant director for geosciences. more>

contrail Smoother skies

Some 80 scientists and technicians at NCAR’s Research Applications Laboratory (RAL) are working on projects designed to help keep aircraft safe from weather threats. more>

john kerry

A new legal climate

Houston recently hosted two daylong symposia that addressed legal and policy frameworks to guide America’s epochal shift toward carbon control and green energy. more>


Where there's fire, there's smoke

Whether they burn across the vast evergreen forests of western Canada or the piney woods of the South, wildland fires can have a surprisingly large effect on climate, both in the short and long term. more>



President's Corner
anthes uses circular sw

Rick Anthes reflects on a year as AMS President.   more>

Science Bits
glacier graphic

A 3-D rendering of 60 years of data provides a detailed picture of Greenland’s largest, fastest-moving glacier.


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