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Anthes, Killeen to preside over AMS, AGU


Holland and Lawrence
Richard Anthes. (Photos by Carlye Calvin, UCAR.)

Both UCAR president Richard Anthes and NCAR director Tim Killeen will take on high-profile leadership positions in the broader scientific community over the next year. Anthes has been elected to the presidency of the American Meteorological Society (AMS). His one-year term begins next January. Killeen, elected president of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), begins his two-year term this July.

Tim Killeen.

At the AMS, Anthes will oversee planning for the 2008 annual meeting in New Orleans. He envisions the theme for that meeting as the transfer of research findings to applications. Another important area for Anthes will be helping to formulate AMS statements on important issues using a newly streamlined approach. One such statement, on freedom of scientific expression, was approved on 17 February (see statement). "It is essential to have vigorous and honest debate about science in order to keep society well informed and help policymakers in the public and private sectors make the best decisions," says Anthes.

As president-elect of the AGU, Killeen has led the effort to develop the organization's strategic plan, which emphasizes interdisciplinary collaborations. He also is chairing a development board that will create endowments at the AGU for education and outreach activities. Killeen is working on an initiative to better communicate science to policymakers, and he and colleagues have introduced AGU experts conferences, a new tool to focus attention on specific areas of scientific and policy interest.

"The presidency involves a lot of varied work, ensuring that the AGU remains responsive to its membership and relevant to the broader needs of society," says Killeen. He adds, "The AGU has been a professional home for me. I'm just thrilled to be in this role."

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