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UCAR's annual meeting in October addressed a wide range of areas where UCAR and universities can work together. The follow-up site for the meeting includes PDF summaries of the breakout sessions on the water cycle, biogeosciences, cyberinfrastructure, next-generation observing systems, and next-generation faculty.

UCAR welcomes the University of California, Berkeley and Columbia University as the newest of our 68 member institutions. Joining our board of trustees are Rosina Bierbaum (University of Michigan), Eugenia Kalnay (University of Maryland), Steven Rutledge (Colorado State University), and Soroosh Sorooshian (University of California, Irvine). For more news from the members' meeting, see the Governance Update in the winter 2003-04 issue.

In This Issue...


The seeds of solar storms

NCAR scientists map the magnetism of coronal disturbance. More>

Were last year's solar storms a fluke?
CoMP looks at coronal magnetism
Great moments in coronal observing

Initiatives in Brief

In this new series, the UCAR Quarterly is profiling the NCAR strategic initiatives each issue. This issue: The Water Cycle across Scales. More>


New hurdles for international students and scientists

The flow of foreign students into the United States is on the verge of thinning in the wake of the September 11 attacks, according to two national surveys. UCAR and its members are feeling the effects. More>

The stats
What you can do

Peer review as a teaching tool

Richard Somerville uses a journal written and reviewed by graduate students to teach the fledgling researchers how their work will be scrutinized in the real world. More>

Will tomorrow's cities have clean air?

A Boulder institute kicks off two years of emissions-related research around the globe. More>

New directors for NWS and WMO

The annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society was the first community forum for two leaders in new high-profile roles: Michel Jarraud (left), secretary-general of the World Meteorological Organization, and David Johnson, head of the National Weather Service. More>


Regular Features

President’s Corner - China: Reflections on meteorology and society after 20 years

A recent trip to China brings back memories of a 1982 visit and the many changes in Chinese society and scientific research since then. More>

Web Watch
Statistics of Weather and Climate Extremes

A new toolkit helps atmospheric and social scientists as they examine extreme events, the ones that loom largest in their effects. More>

NCAR Annual Scientific Report: Snapshots of a research year

Science Bit - U.S. snowfall analysis

Despite recent headline-grabbing bouts of snow and ice, the Pacific Northwest region overall gets less than half the snow it did 50 years ago,according to a new analysis. More>

Governance Update

At the October meeting of UCAR members' representatives, new trustees were elected and faculty spoke out on technology, budgets, and other factors affecting academia. More>

UCAR Community Calendar

The UCAR Community Calendar provides an overview of activities sponsored or hosted by UCAR, NCAR, or UOP for researchers, other professionals, and students in the atmospheric and related sciences. More>