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Summer 1998

Bill Buzbee stepping down; new supercomputers moving in

Bill Buzbee. (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

Bill Buzbee, director of NCAR's Scientific Computing Division (SCD) for 11 years, has announced that he will retire no later than September 1998. After that, he will maintain connections with NCAR as a senior research associate for at least two years.

In a memo to divisional staff, Buzbee wrote, "1998 is an opportune time to bring a new director into SCD. The SX-4 [supercomputer] procurement is behind us, [and] we are well along with the transition to highly parallel systems." Buzbee noted that he had been thinking of retiring in 1998 for at least two years.

Buzbee, currently the longest-tenured NCAR division director, came to Boulder in 1987 after 25 years at Los Alamos National Laboratory. There, he held a variety of managerial and technical positions, including deputy leader of the lab's computing and communications division. Buzbee called his 11 years at NCAR "the high-water mark of my career."

SCD also recently acquired a new Cray J-9 machine. A 128-processor SGI Origins 200 computer arrived at the end of May, marking another step in the division's move toward nonvector computing.

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