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Summer 1997

Penn State/NCAR weather model now available on Microsoft desktops

by Zhenya Gallon
UCAR Communications

The MM5, a weather model that has been under continuous development and testing for 25 years by Pennsylvania State University and NCAR, is now available in a desktop version using Microsoft Windows/NT. In partnership with NCAR, the iMSC Corporation in Colorado Springs has now made the MM5 available on an Intel platform so that anyone with a Pentium-based desktop computer in the $3,000-$4,000 range can run the model. In addition, the Windows/NT model runs on larger Digital Equipment Corporation computers, providing scalability up to 14 processors in the AlphaService 8400 system. Because the Fortran compiler is the same, Windows/NT programs are transportable to a UNIX server without making any source code changes.

The MM5 is a "community model" in the public domain, available at no cost and in use in about 400 places around the world. According to Richard Wagoner (NCAR Research Applications Program), "We hope the increased availability of the MM5 will plant many seeds for new research around the world and provide a new tool for operational decision-makers in government and industry." Both NCAR and iMSC will provide user support for the NT/MM5 package. NCAR offers MM5 user training twice a year; iMSC Corporation provides MM5 operating system setup, training, and services.

For further information, contact Wagoner (303-497-8404 or wagoner@ucar.edu) or Paul Chen (719-548-0624 or paul@imsc.com).

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