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UCAR has launched a new tool to keep the community informed of deadlines and other short-fuse news. UCAR Update will be e-mailed around the middle of each month. The update's Web site includes an archive of each issue and instructions on how to subscribe. The update will be sent automatically to UCAR member and affiliate representatives, international affiliates, and governance bodies (University Relations Committee, Board of Trustees).


In This Issue...


Reflective research

Scientists hope new UAVs may help solve the albedo puzzle. More>
Karyn and Roger

Observation transformation:
The new EOL

As ATD becomes EOL, there's more than a new name in store. More>

Ten years of SOARS

Gauging the success of SOARS. More>


A new home for Climate affairs

NCAR center to stress climate's broad impact. More>


ESMF: Plug-and-play modeling

Fourth ESMF Community Meeting showcases new climate simulations. More>


New ESSL head

Max Planck scientist, Guy Brasseur, heads back to Boulder. More>


Catarina up close

Forecasters, researchers debate nature of Brazil's mystery storm. More>


Science Bit

The case of the disappearing lakes More>



Regular Features


President’s Corner - Field project support at UCAR

As field work evolves, so will UCAR's support of it. More>


UCAR Community Calendar

The UCAR Community Calendar provides an overview of activities sponsored or hosted by UCAR, NCAR, or UOP for researchers, other professionals, and students in the atmospheric and related sciences. More>