From the editor

As noted in the Web Watch article linked at right, a new umbrella Web site for UCAR, NCAR, and UOP debuted in May. Hundreds of new pages have been created for the site. We encourage you to explore the new site and let us know what you think of it.


In This Issue...


And then there was 3.0

The third version of NCAR's flagship climate model is Linux-friendly and packed with improvements. More>

What's new in CCSM 3.0

A lidar that's easy on the eyes

Eye-safe tool opens new door to aerosol mapping. More>

Forecasting for the Pentagon

Saving a department: The Arizona story

How one program fought for its survival and won. More>


Tomorrow's fiber-optic network today

UCAR joins national effort to bolster scientific and computing progress. More>

A new trajectory for COMET

Online training expands to include space weather, other topics. More>

Taking a closer look at current (and past) weather

Boulder meeting kicks off initiative for fine-scale mesoscale analysis. More>



Regular Features


President’s Corner - The allocation analysis

A "roughly right" look at UCAR's level of effort for science and the community. More>

The complete level-of-effort analysis

Web Watch

More than a makeover:
UCAR's new umbrella site

Choice photos by the megabyte:
UCAR's Digital Image Library

Initiatives in Brief - Biogeosciences

This series profiles one or more of the NCAR strategic initiatives each issue. More>


Governance Update - UCAR trustees go to Washington

Several members of the UCAR Board of Trustees served as advocates on behalf of the atmospheric sciences as the board gathered for its May meeting. More>

Science Bit - What makes a model hurricane head east?

Two researchers from Florida State University analyze the factors that control recurvature in a numerical model. More>

UCAR Community Calendar

The UCAR Community Calendar provides an overview of activities sponsored or hosted by UCAR, NCAR, or UOP for researchers, other professionals, and students in the atmospheric and related sciences. More>