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Winter/Spring 1997

ASP revives graduate fellowships

NCAR's Advanced Study Program (ASP) is reinstating its Graduate Fellowship program, which was phased out a few years ago. "We believe that without this program we have lost a valuable way of incorporating graduate students into the NCAR program and interacting with universities," says William A. Cooper, director of ASP. The reinstatement was also recommended by several panels during the recent NSF reviews of NCAR.

As before, the Ph.D. fellowships will be targeted at areas in which NCAR can offer special resources and opportunities. These might include interdivisional research outside the scope of the university or research requiring familiarity with the kinds of facilities available at NCAR.

To apply, a student must be finished with course work for the degree, the application must be supported by the student's faculty adviser and by an NCAR scientist willing to serve as a local adviser, and the university must be willing to waive or otherwise cover the cost of tuition. Appointments will be for a maximum of two and a half years, and it should be feasible for the student to complete his or her Ph.D. work within that time.

ASP will begin considering applications next month. Currently, the program can fund four fellowships. "We are exploring possibilities for joint funding of these positions and for seeking outside funding to supplement this number," says Cooper.

For further information, please contact Cooper (303-497-1600 or cooperw@ucar.edu).

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