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New Visiting Scholars Program

Expert lecturers for college classrooms

Through a new NCAR program, UCAR, UOP, and NCAR scientists will visit UCAR colleges and universities for a week or so to lecture on a wide variety of topics in the atmospheric sciences. The idea behind the program, says UOP director William Bonner, who first proposed it, is to help other institutions--especially smaller ones without broadly based atmospheric science departments--expand the range of topics available to their students.

The program is managed by NCAR's Advanced Study Program. ASP director John Firor has recruited an initial pool of a dozen outstanding scientists to participate. Their areas of expertise include, among others, weather forecasting, ocean modeling, airborne radar, statistics in atmospheric science, economic value of forecasts, snow crystals and hailstones, boundary layer measurements, stratospheric chemistry, and remote sensing.

The first visits can be arranged for the fall of 1995. Faculty or administrators interested in inviting a UCAR visiting scholar to their institution should contact Firor, who will attempt to match the needed topics to the available expertise. Host institutions will be asked to pay the speaker's travel expenses. For further information, contact Firor at ASP (firor@ncar.ucar.edu; 303-497-1602; fax: 303-497-1695).

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