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The 1994 NCAR Annual Scientific Report and the NSF Atmospheric Sciences Division Long Range Plan are now on the World Wide Web and accessible from the UCAR home page:

We also invite you to take a look at the home pages for NCAR, the UCAR Office of Programs, the Walter Orr Roberts Institute, and other links on the UCAR home page. You'll see, for instance, data access information from UOP's Unidata and Office of Field Project Support (via CODIAC, the Cooperative Distributed Interactive Atmospheric Catalog) and NCAR's Scientific Computing Division; weather and climate and related links from CERN; sponsor information from NSF, NOAA, and others; and links to UCAR member and affiliate institutions.

Tell us about yours

We want this site to be useful and responsive to our community of users. Please let us know if the link made to your institution or department is the accurate and appropriate one. And, if there are education, outreach, or research program links--or any other sites you think might be of interest to the community--please let us know. Send your suggestions or comments to Susan Friberg (friberg@ncar.ucar.edu).

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