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Volume 19
Spring 1995

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ATD's sea change. A wave of improved and new systems for NCAR's Atmospheric Technology Division.

President's Corner. UCAR president Richard Anthes reports on the challenges and stresses of change.

Home pages. What's new on ours.

Unidata's quiet [r]evolution. Unidata makes data sharing a community effort.

UCAR: 35 years of discovery. April Open House at the Mesa and Foothills Laboratories and the Research Aviation Facility marks anniversary.

Science Bits. Tidbits on research at UCAR, its members, and affiliates.

Balloon facility. Now run by New Mexico State University, the National Scientific Balloon Facility, NCAR's first facility, is still going strong.

PIRCS workshop. The Project to Intercompare Regional Climate Simulations holds preliminary workshop.

Education: The Global Change Instruction Program expands its materials while the Visiting Scholars Program gets off the ground.

Washington Update. The latest on budgets.

Affiliate profile. This issue, we visit the University of Oklahoma.

New UCAR chair. Joachim Kuettner appointed to the NSF-funded UCAR Distinguished Chair for Atmospheric Science and International Research.

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